About Kneeling Cat Pilates

My name is Rachel Scholten. I own Kneeling Cat Pilates in Des Moines. My studio is in the Sherman Hill neighborhood, in the oldest row house in Iowa. It was built in 1885, and I love my big windows and high ceilings!

I love working one on one or in pairs to create a targeted program for each client. No session with me is ever the same, and we use each piece of equipment during the session.

I love working with people who have complex medical histories or chronic illnesses. I am certified in MS, Parkinson’s, and Stroke Pilates modifications. I had a heart transplant seven years ago and love working with cardiac patients.

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At Kneeling Cat Pilates studio, all private and semi-private sessions are equipment classes. The amount of exercises you do on each piece of equipment will vary based on your personalized program.

All of our equipment is designed and built in the United States, specifically California, by Balanced Body. Through updating Joseph Pilates’ original equipment with modern engineering and technology, Balanced Body uses high quality materials to make adaptive equipment for all levels of Pilates users.

We currently offer the following equipment in our studio:

Clinical Reformer

Studio Reformer

Combo Chair

Ladder Barrel

Trapeze Table